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Why is punctuation so important?!

Once a writer completes a manuscript and sends it out into the world, he or she loses control over how an audience will read and interpret the text. Since every reader’s mind works differently, writers must hope that the only tools they have, words and punctuation, will guide the reader’s understanding of the work.

Essentially, punctuation is a tool used to organize words to facilitate readability. Looking at a couple examples, it’s easy to see how a change in punctuation can drastically skew the meaning.


If you would like to know more about correcting your punctuation and improving your grades try these great webpages:

Grammar & Punctuation libguide

Grammar girl’s quick and dirty tips

The blue book of grammar

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Getting Help with Moodle

Moodle can be intimidating for people not familiar with working in large web applictions. Even though Moodle can be convenient most of the time, every now and then you may encounter a problem or issue that you need assistance with. In those cases the Educational Technologies Center is here to help. Support information site can be found by following these links:

Student support
Faculty support

If you have other questions regarding Moodle that isn’t covered in the above web pages please feel free to send your questions or concerns to

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Learning Support Centre

It’s the start of a new school semester. Maybe you’re
already confused by things like factoring inequalities or APA referencing!

Well, the Learning Support Centre is here to help. Open Monday through Friday,
the Learning Support Centre can help you set your semester up for success. Get
your semester started in the right direction; drop-in or make an appointment to
see Susan or Mark.