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Why is punctuation so important?!

Once a writer completes a manuscript and sends it out into the world, he or she loses control over how an audience will read and interpret the text. Since every reader’s mind works differently, writers must hope that the only tools they have, words and punctuation, will guide the reader’s understanding of the work.

Essentially, punctuation is a tool used to organize words to facilitate¬†readability. Looking at a couple examples, it’s easy to see how a change in punctuation can drastically skew the meaning.


If you would like to know more about correcting your punctuation and improving your grades try these great webpages:

Grammar & Punctuation libguide

Grammar girl’s quick and dirty tips

The blue book of grammar

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Libguides to the rescue!

What are libguides? These are internet guides created by us to help you find everything you are looking for on a particular subject/service at the library. Think of them as “one-stop-shopping” for GPRC Library services and resources.

To name a few:

Here is the complete list of our Libguides:

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