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Get Ready for Exams

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Doing well on an exam is not just about studying your but off.  It also involves the exam experience itself.

You can review for weeks and then lose it on the day from a simple lapse in concentration, or a panic over unimportant issues.   Who wants to worry any more about something that causes enough anxiety as it is? Look at these 6 tips for staying calm, collected, and confident as you prepare for that exam.

1. Be PreparedGet ready the night before, have your equipment packed (with spare items, if feasible). Confirm where and when your exam is being held.  Preparation gets rid of at least one concern and means you’re much less likely to make mistakes before you even open the exam booklet.

2. Be Selfish – Ignore what’s going on around you as you stand outside the examination hall.  Exams are not group efforts.  The revision is done and was unique to your own mental strengths.  Now is not the time to consider what other people think will be in the exam and how they have prepared for it.  You’ve done all you can, so listening to others 2 minutes before you step in to the room is only likely to knock your confidence.

3. Start with a bang by writing down key points. If it’s a Maths or Science test. You may want to write down formulas on a spare piece of paper. This will mean you won’t have to remember them later on when you are getting stressed. If its an English exam or you are required to do a lot of writing make sure you write down on a piece of paper any valuable quotes or material references. In English, references and quotes count. Incorrect quotes or author names means a lower score.

4. Skim that test –  Arrive to the exam in good time, read through the instructions, then read through the questions until you’re sure what is needed. Be sure to check both sides of every page so you do not miss any questions! Don’t rush the exam, even though you’re under a time limit.  With some initial preparation in the first few minutes, you are in a good position to plan the allotted time well.  Finally, consider what you want to write before you start writing.

5. Be Selective – Not all questions are equally weighted.  Don’t waste time worrying over low-marked questions.  You can always return to them later.  Just leave a gap to come back to it, or answer the questions in a slightly different order.

6. Stay positive –  Look at exams as an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve been learning throughout the term.

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*Some content has been adapted from The University Blog. Thank-you

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  1. LOL! ANd great read haha.

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