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Not getting your newspaper? We can help.

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We here at GPRC Library have become aware of delivery issues in town with respect to certain popular newspaper titles, such as The National Post and The Globe And Mail.

Not to worry! Most sections of a newspaper are free and available online at the newspaper’s web site (try clicking on either of the titles listed above). Things like breaking news, horoscopes, classifieds and so on tend to be available without login or subscription.

But what about restricted content?

You can get that too.

Newspapers sometimes restrict access to opinion pieces or editorials or to in depth reports, but there’s a library database that can get them for you: Canadian Newsstand.

Granted, Canadian Newsstand can’t always get you articles from today’s paper – there’s often a waiting period of one or two days. The good news is that a newspaper’s restricted material tends not to be as time sensitive. The better news is that with Canadian Newsstand you can search through material going back for years and years! From hundreds of titles!

Getting to Canadian Newsstand:

From the GPRC Library home page, scroll down to the “Find” section in the left hand column and click “Articles (Databases)”. Then you can either search for Canadian Newsstand by title, using the search box, or simply click “C” to jump to that section of our list of databases. Once you see the link for Canadian Newsstand, just click it and you’re there. Always remembering, that is, that in order to access this service from off campus you will need information from your GPRC student or staff card.

Another way to reach Canadian Newsstand is to just click right HERE.

Problems logging in? Problems using Canadian Newsstand? Problems in general?

Come see us. Or call us!  Or talk to us through online chat.

We can help.

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