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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for GPRC Students

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Ok, so maybe you’ve already got a long list of resolutions for 2012, maybe you’ve already broken half of them (or all), or maybe you don’t have any!  Consider these resolutions to get you back on track at school.

1) Attend all your classes this year. Remember, it’s up to you if you attend.  Your money, your grades, your responsibility.

2) Get organized! Go through your course outline/syllabus and record all assignment due dates in your Agenda book.  Determine how many days you will need to complete each assignment.  Mark the dates you will begin working on each assignment in order to get it completed on time!  Check out the Time Management Workshop Jan. 25th.

3) Get to know your instructor. Introduce yourself and ask questions during or after class.  Developing a relationship with your instructor is important so they know who you are when emailing them and when they are grading your assignments!

4) Note-share! If you absolutely have to miss a class, arrange beforehand for a class-mate to share their lecture notes with you (make sure you’re prepared to return the favour). Check out the Note-taking Strategies workshop Feb.1st

5) Create a study group.  Reviewing course materials with others is a great way to take the stress out of studying and can help you clarify ideas and concepts discussed in class.

6) Attend the Learning Support Centre workshops.  From January 25th to February 15, the Library will be hosting a series of weekly 1/2 hr  workshops for students.  All sessions run from 12:15-12:45 in F207.

7) Explore your GPRC accounts.  Do you know your GPRC email address? Do you know how to log into your Library Account? Do you know if one of your courses is on Moodle? Almost everything is online, which means, you need to know how to access important information especially for you! Don’t know the answer to these questions?  Ask Us at the Library!

8) Eat smarter.  Try to eat foods that are high in Omega-3 and vitamin B, which are known for improving brain function!  Eatcho Greens!

9) Get more sleep.  Getting 7-8hrs sleep a night can help you stay focused at school, reduce stress, and keep energy levels up.  Make it an early night!

10) Save money, pack your lunch!  Ditch the $10.00+ combo deal at the cafe or nearest fast food joint.  Instead, pack your lunch the night before and chow down on an affordable custom made lunch made especially to taste!

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