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Exams: Set-up for Success

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There are several factors that determine success on final exams. While participation in class and reviewing material play a large role, below are some tips to improve your exam experience:

  • Find out, in class, what types of questions will be on the exam (matching, M/C, short answer, essay) and what percentage each type of question might be worth. [this may help you budget your time before setting foot in the exam room]
  • Form a study group to discuss which topics and key points will be on the exam. Hint: Think about topics your instructor emphasized, repeated, or even hinted at in class.
  • Prepare, Practice, Review, Repeat. Reviewing your material frequently (daily or weekly) helps with understanding and commits information to long term memory.
  • Lay-out your materials the night before(pencils, eraser, calculator, comfy clothes, etc.), especially if the exam is early in the morning.
  • Get enough rest the night before. Eat healthy and drink enough water

*Check the time and location of your final exam here:

GPRC Exam Schedule

More links for study guides and strategies, plus a few brain games:

Study Guides and Strategies

Academic tips and brain games

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